Does Love Need a Conservation Effort?

Global Glue Relationship Coaching

Give yourself the gift of a healthier relationship
  • Re-pattern the long-held belief systems that no longer serve you and your partner.
  • Experience more joy, connection, and passion.
  • Learn how to become better listeners and flourish
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Consider this:

“Relationship coaching is like flossing...

It’s highly recommended and good prevention.”

“Thank you for what you are doing with Global Glue. It is so refreshing and encouraging to see couples making it work and to see people like yourself trying and succeeding at making a positive change in people, couples and society as a whole.” - Glue Talk Attendee

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Is this for you?

Signs that you will benefit from Glue coaching
  • You are in a good relationship, but want a great relationship and deeper connection.
  • You and your partner keep having the same argument.
  • You are in a relationship that you aren’t sure is worth saving.
  • You are single and desire relationship, but don’t understand why you aren’t meeting “THE ONE.”
  • You keep encountering the same relationship challenges with new partners, realizing that YOU are the common denominator.
  • You are partnered with someone with addiction issues.
  • You are in a 12-step program and want to deepen your recovery.
  • You desire a deeply connected, meaningful life, but haven’t found your purpose yet.
  • You know your purpose but can’t seem to get there.
  • You feel stagnant in your life, whether in a relationship or not.