A Thousand Butterfly Wings: How A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change the World

The goal to create a healthier planet through healthier relationships is a lofty one, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to reach for that level of impact. Global Glue Project is extremely close to my heart, sometimes too close. It began as a passion project but has turned into a mission to use these stories of sticking together to impact people’s lives. Recently, I had dinner with a friend who is an educator and a counselor. He reminded me that sometimes the most valuable impact is on a small scale, on a one-to-one and person-to-person level. That if one person learns one tool or inspirational nugget from one film, and that person passes that one tool or nugget to another person, or perhaps two people, then valuable large-scale impacts can occur. His words reminded me of an email I received recently from an attendee of a screening in Steamboat Springs, and that simply hearing the reminder of small acts of kindnesses can plant the seeds for positive change:

“I liked that you highlighted the simple tools couples used to stay connected. I think anyone of us could use help staying present with the people we love. That was particularly helpful for me. I re-watched the Japanese couple again this morning. I was touched by the simple act of making coffee for his wife as an expression of their love.”

We all know the saying, “actions speak louder than words,” but when it comes to love, when it comes to showing affection, words can be a powerful action. The mere act of saying, with sincerity, “I love you” to your partner can remind you of your bond, and through those words you can strengthen your relationship. Silent actions also work. Reaching for a hand, or offering a shoulder, or just getting up a little early to brew the coffee, giving the other person a few extra minutes of peaceful sleep–these are all small actions that can make you stronger.

E & Y surprise each other with demonstrations of love.
Yoshikazu & Eiko surprise each other with demonstrations of love.


Yoshikazu & Eiko beautifully share how they say, “I love you” with actions. Enjoy their short one-minute clip, get inspired and pass it on. Remember, passing on something that inspires you is one of those random acts of kindness that can have huge reverberations, as others pass it along. If one person down the line is inspired to take to heart their message, then it has done its work. It isn’t just for other people, however–living and acting in a loving way can change you in positive and beautiful ways as well. Love and respect are not about playing a character, but sometimes you have to act like the person you want to be in order to become that person. A simple act of kindness, even if you are doing it just because you think it’s the right thing to do, can become second-nature. What action can you take that speaks “I love you” to someone dear to you? If we all act in ways that speak “I love you,” the world may just become a healthier place.

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