Remembering Those We Lost This Holiday

None of us are getting out of this life alive. We all have to face loss, and holidays can either be a painful time of remembering those we lost, or a time of gratitude for the time we were given, or a combination of both.


Sadly, over the last few months, we have lost some of the incredible people we have filmed. But amazingly, their stories live on and continue to teach and inspire us.


We feel so grateful to all of the couples that have shared their stories and their lives with us. Each of them has taught us something and impacted us on a personal level.


To celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday, we would like to remember and honor the fact that human life is fragile and short lived.


David & Jane’s Glue Film was celebrated and played at Jane’s memorial service just this past Saturday, as she was remembered for her humor and wisdom. Jane lost her battle with cancer. Her insights on happiness are a powerful reminder that, “Happiness is wanting what you have.”


We invite you to join us in remembering Jane and her valuable lesson, that happiness is about being grateful for what you have. That gratitude can reach well beyond Thanksgiving.



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