Global Glue Project Presents: GLUE TALKS, ‘The Secrets to Long-Lasting Relationships’

Global Glue Launches Series of Curated Films and Talks with Relationship Experts

Since launching our kickstarter campaign for 52 Glue Films (a film a week for one year), we have received amazing feedback that the films impact the viewers the way we intended: as sources of inspiration and wisdom. Last February, we began holding community screening events showing a handful of these intimate short documentaries to sold out audiences, with the overwhelming response that the films are exponentially more powerful when experienced with community, as they provoke thought and conversation. As these couples on screen share their personal stories about how they stick together, they become incredible catalysts for the viewer to self-reflect, as they begin to compare these stories to their own lives.

The feedback and support we received has made us realize that we clearly stumbled on a type of event and a conversation that people are hungry for. Yet these screenings didn’t go deep enough, people wanted more.

One attendee, Molly Wilson, shared: “Attending a Global Glue screening gave my husband and I, as well as our tribe of friends, an evening of great conversation and a chance for all of us to be a little more introspective about our own relationships. Actually, it’s three days later and we can’t quit talking about it.”

The clear progression to harnessing these conversations is to offer an event that allows us to dive deeper. We are constantly being asked what the secret to long-term love is; how to make a relationship last, and this series answers those questions with five topics that we hear over and over again from couples and experts alike.

Global Glue
Global Glue couples sharing a kiss

Each of the five evenings will offer a short selection of the films curated by topic, followed by a different relationship expert who will guide us to understanding how to apply these topics to our own lives.

This long-awaited series will invite you to reflect on what an honest and authentic long-term relationship really looks like, as Global Glue Project dives into the topic of relationships with a fresh approach on “couples workshops.”

So please JOIN US, and reserve your spot for the first series of GLUE TALKS.

How to Stick Together: A Series of Five Evenings of Short Films and Facilitated Conversations about Long-term Relationships with Renowned Relationship Experts.

  • Talk 1, October, 21st – Creating Emotional Intimacy: Jeff Pincus, LCSW and Rachel Cahn, MA, LPC
  • Talk 2, October 28th – Sex: Better With Time Dr. Jenni Skyler, Sex Therapist
  • Talk 3, November 4th – Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?: Dr. Julie Colwell, PhD
  • Talk 4, November 11th, Developing Rituals In Your Relationship: Diane Israel, MA
  • Talk 5, November 18th, Promises and Unwritten Contracts, Bringing Intention and Integrity to What You Want: Dr. Bob Unger, LCSW, PhD and Paul Bialek, MA

Coming Monday: an in-depth look at our speakers and their topics! 

Join us for All 5 Sessions for $175 or $300 for a Couple. Individual evenings are $40.

Events held at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place 7-9 PM, every Tuesday evening for five weeks. Registration and check in are at 6:30.


For more information and tickets go to:

Contact your host: Gillian Pierce, MPA, Global Glue Project Co-Founder for any additional questions at


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