Don’t Wait for a Supermoon Total Eclipse to Honor Your Relationship

Last night the sky put on a show for much of the world. Newsfeeds were filled today with accounts and photos of the rare supermoon total lunar eclipse.


I am curious how many couples used this astrological event to connect with one another and to the intention of their relationship. Many Glue couples talk about the power of incorporating rituals into their relationship, and others speak of the importance of referring to their vows as a source of inspiration and connection.


I watched the supermoon with my own partner along with friends who were married a year ago. We hiked to the top of a secluded hill in the mountains of Colorado and watched the stunning display of the moonrise over the east and the sunset to the west, both views capturing aspen in their varying yellow hues across distant valleys.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.35.31 PM

When we reached the top, we unloaded our picnic of bread, goat cheese, prosciutto and cantelope, cookies, red wine, and a thermos of hot chai. We chatted and marveled at the shooting stars and the eclipsing moon every time it popped out of the obscuring clouds.


Once the temperatures dropped, the four of us (and our dog) lay together like sardines under a small blanket, gazing up at the sky. In celebration of the moon, we shared our intentions with each other. My partner’s intention was, “More connectedness and alignment together in this next year.” They seconded his intention, and added their desire for a peaceful and nurturing home when they return to the states from France. We all agreed at the rarity and specialness of simply watching the night sky, none of us carving out enough time for such natural wonders.


They shared with us the tradition they have kept since their wedding day: Every full moon they read their vows to one another. They told us how this simple act helps them to connect with each other and connect to the greater goals of their marriage.


Most of us are guilty of allowing days, weeks, months, and even years to go by without remembering what is truly important. Had we not made a plan with our friends to picnic, I am not sure that my partner and I would have marked the occasion so memorably. We all agreed it was the perfect way to celebrate, and I was reminded that it is never too late to begin traditions and mark occasions.


As we packed up after the cold and the clouds set in, we agreed to keep our new supermoon total eclipse tradition and meet in the same place when the next one happens in 2033. More importantly, I decided not to wait for that supermoon to honor my relationship in 18 years. Instead, I will follow this couple’s example and honor the cycles of my own relationship with every full moon.



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