The Physics of Happiness

Jan 01

The Physics of Happiness.   Life in the open air. Love for another being. Freedom from ambition. Creation.   Albert Camus   I came upon Camus’ The Physics of Happiness quote in a book that I read recently, New Slow City by William Powers. My partner had dinner with William when he was in town […]

A Feeling of Gratitude Isn’t Enough

Dec 08

The recent Thanksgiving holiday made me contemplate gratitude.   Spiritual practices and rituals are largely designed to cultivate gratitude. To me, the exact ritual or practice itself isn’t important, what’s important is simply having the discipline to incorporate some form of daily action that includes the intention of gratitude, presence of mind, and peace.   Every morning, […]

Remembering Those We Lost This Holiday

Nov 27

None of us are getting out of this life alive. We all have to face loss, and holidays can either be a painful time of remembering those we lost, or a time of gratitude for the time we were given, or a combination of both.   Sadly, over the last few months, we have lost […]