The Choice Is Yours: Deciding to Get Married in a Long-Term Relationship

Dec 05

The term “gay marriage” is increasingly, wonderfully, becoming archaic. As more and more states recognize a basic Constitutional and human right for consenting adults, we can drop the somewhat patronizing modifier, and recognize it for what it is: just marriage. A blessed normalcy. Of course, as it gets close to being a national right, its […]

A Master Class: Developing Emotional Intimacy In a Relationship

Oct 17

In my graduate program one of my professors said that it takes ten years to develop any level of mastery. Ten years. When people ask me for my definition of a ‘long-term relationship’ my answer has always been ten years, but it wasn’t until this morning that I connected the words of my professor to […]

Marriage Renewal Vows: Making Promises That Matter Every Day

Aug 27

How many couples regularly check in to see if their behaviors match their original wedding vows? Recently, I visited a friend who is going through one of the most stressful times in a marriage—the arrival of baby number two. Their attention is now divided between two children, with its juggling of daycare and jobs, and […]