How to Choose Your Partner

Nov 05

There’s a Facebook post currently circulating that’s been shared nearly 50,000 times. It’s about choosing your partner, but it’s not what you think. The post is not how to choose your partner on Tinder or at a bar, but is about continuously, consciously re-choosing your current and existing partner.   Why does this resonate with […]

How to Make an Apology in Time for Dan Savage’s Hump Fest

Oct 28

I’m a die hard Dan Savage fan. When I heard that Hump Fest (Savage’s curated amateur porn film festival) was coming to Colorado, I bought tickets that day. When I told my partner I had purchased tickets for us, he broke the news that he was out of town that weekend.   I was disappointed, […]

Writing and Relationships: Seven Reminders to Live By

Jul 09

A professor once told me that mastery requires a minimum of ten years of consistent and committed focus on a craft or a subject. We don’t normally think of a relationship in terms of “mastering” another person, but the same rules apply to learning another person and learning a craft such as writing. Both demand […]

What Vulnerability in Relationship Looks Like

Feb 13

Thanks to Brene Brown’s TED Talk, many of us understand vulnerability as one of the necessary keys to unlock true connection in relationship.   As I write, I realize that vulnerability is the place where I continue to get stuck in relationship, often succumbing to my instinctual desires to shut down, run away, or, if […]

The Secret to Sexual Desire in a Long-term Relationship

Nov 03

Our latest Global Glue talk featured a fascinating lecture by Dr. Jenni Skyler from the Intimacy Institute. The topic was the one that we, as a culture, talk about the most without really saying anything important: sex. It will take multiple posts to share some of her wisdom, and to really begin a conversation about […]