The Secret to Sexual Desire in a Long-term Relationship

Nov 03

Our latest Global Glue talk featured a fascinating lecture by Dr. Jenni Skyler from the Intimacy Institute. The topic was the one that we, as a culture, talk about the most without really saying anything important: sex. It will take multiple posts to share some of her wisdom, and to really begin a conversation about […]

Opening the Door: Polyamory is Part of the Conversation

Oct 22

One of the beliefs behind Global Glue Project is that the landscape of relationships is changing and that we can benefit from documenting and discussing these changes. The conversation that took place at the first Glue Talks indicates the truth behind this statement—the very definition of committed partnership is changing. First of all, for those […]

Does Love Need a Conservation Effort?

Oct 14

The world is at a precarious place- most scientists and experts feel that we are at a pivotal turning point both as a species and as a planet. The actions we take in the next few decades could affect the future in ways we can barely understand. Thankfully, this stark reality has helped to push […]

Moving On: How the Present Can Heal the Past

Oct 13

Last night I gave a talk and screened four new Glue Films in my old hometown of Steamboat Springs. Every time I do a screening in Steamboat, the topic of my short-lived marriage comes up; I was a Steamboat resident when I got married (and divorced) in 2006. My personal failure at long-term relationship is […]

No Escape: Looking for a Way in Rather than Out

Oct 08

Over the weekend, Adventure Film festival here in Boulder screened a Global Glue Project film, Sticky Honeymoon. The film followed Jason and Chelsey Magness, five days after they were married, as they literally stuck together and maintained physical contact for the duration of the Hanuman Yoga Festival. Jason and Chelsey are famous in the acro […]