Happiness: Wanting What You Have; Not Desiring More

Jan 22

 I don’t think of myself as a material person. My favorite clothing items and most of my bike and ski gear are nearly 10 years old. I rarely buy retail. With every purchase I remind myself of my desire for a minimalist approach to “stuff.” Yet when it comes to Christmas and birthdays I LOVE […]

What it Takes: Three Tools To Create A Strong Intimate Partnership

Jan 14

A friend of mine and her husband inscribed the inside of their wedding rings with the word “Team,” followed by their shared last name. Years ago, in my own short-lived marriage, teamwork was not our guiding principle and our lives were largely lived as two individuals, down to our separate last names. Having the same […]

Stepping Outside Yourself: How to Not Take Things Personally

Dec 31

Two days before Christmas, my boyfriend, my brother, my mom, and I traveled two-and-a-half hours away to a cabin in the mountains. Prior to this trip, my boyfriend had only shared an occasional meal with us as a family. As much as I don’t want to admit this, I attached expectations to the trip and […]

A World Built for Two: Creating Traditions of Your Own

Dec 29

A couple in our orbit was out to dinner, barely a week after they had officially started dating, though they already knew they were pretty serious. Dinner and drinks were followed by a long conversation and more drinks on an lovely outside beer garden on a beautiful summer night, during which he said “I love […]

“It’s Always We”: Doing What You Love With Who You Love

Dec 26

Falling in love can be like skiing down an unfamiliar mountain- it happens quickly, things move really fast, and while you feel like you have some control, you don’t know what bumps you’ll hit or jumps you’ll have to make, or what really lies in wait for you at the bottom. That’s what is thrilling […]

Taking Time For Yourself: The Importance of Slowing Down During the Holidays

Dec 17

Recently, we talked about effective communication techniques with our partner during the holidays, including showing empathy and mutual respect. That article touched on honoring our individual selves, but I want to emphatically reiterate the invitation to slow down and take time for self during the holidays. Typically, we think of the holiday season as the time […]