All Signs Point To Love: Our Favorite Women’s March Signs

In the course of my lifetime, I have never experienced anything like yesterday. Thousands of people united for human rights, sending a message with Women’s March signs to choose love over fear, and that all human beings are equal. It was humbling to see the effort it took for some to be there: people being pushed in wheelchairs; people marching on crutches; people pulling their oxygen tanks; parents toting children and newborns– all carrying signs of hope.

A sea of Women's March Signs
A sea of Women’s March Signs at Denver City Hall


The Women’s March signs pointed toward love, love’s revolution is here.

Our Favorite Women’s March Signs:

“Spread Love”

“We the People are Greater than Fear”

“Peace Starts With Me”

“Build Bridges, Not Walls”

“Family, Community, Love, Connection”

“We The People Protect Each Other”

“LOVE of Country, Of Equal Rights, of Our Earth, of Our Bodies”

“When They Go Low, We Go High”

“Equality is for Everyone”

Together we can continue to spread love!

Emily Crockett/Vox
Emily Crockett/Vox


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