A Tribute is “the most meaningful gift on Earth.” It is a video montage of your friends, family and community sharing their gratitude for a couple you want to celebrate. It is the perfect gift for any couple you admire to help celebrate their wedding, anniversary, or to just show them how special they are.

With 80% of Tributes creating “Tears of Joy” (seriously this is a real stat!), there’s no better way to show a couple how much love and appreciation you have for them.

Tribute makes it easy to invite contributors, collect their videos and compile the final video. And now that you can deliver your Tribute on a custom LCD video card, Tributes are also great gifts for couples that are not “tech-saavy” at all.

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New Training: Mastering Love, Sex & Power

Our colleagues Esther Perel & Terry Real have just created a new training series on love, sex & power. These are important topics in most therapy sessions and open up a window into the deepest issues in any relationship. You can signup to watch this series for free here for a limited time:

Signup to watch this series for free for a limited time.